Installing CVX on ARM-architecture Macs-- any known issues?

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking of retiring my trusty old machine and upgrading to one of the new Apple Silicon (i.e., ARM architecture) Macs. As such, I was wondering if anybody has any experience installing CVX on these newer machines. Specifically,:

  1. Is it possible to install CVX at all? I’m familiar with the (rather tedious) process of installing CVX on my current Intel Mac (as detailed by Michael Overton in Installing CVX on a new Mac); are there any additional steps or showstopping roadblocks involved with the Apple Silicon Macs?
  2. Given that MathWorks has not yet released a native version of MATLAB (AFAIK it runs in emulation via Rosetta), how big is the performance hit relative to similarly specced Intel machines?


Update: I got to try an M1 MacBook Air kindly loaned by a good friend: CVX works exactly as expected, no issues in installation. The speed is actually much faster than my previous machine (which isn’t surprising given that it is 11 years old!).