Category Topics


This is not a topic you want to choose for yourself; indeed, only moderators can assign it. This category is for posts about models that are not convex (or mixed-integer convex), and are therefore incompatible with CVX and TFOCS by its very design. Grouping them into this category makes it easier for regular forum members to mute them and find more relevant posts.


This category is reserved for problems that depend critically on the mixed-integer capabilities of CVX. If your model uses the binary or integer keywords in CVX, and your question concerns that portion of your model, then this is the category you should use.


This category is for discussion about the site itself: how it looks, how it works, and how we can improve it. Please feel free to offer suggestions, feedback, and concerns by adding to discussions under this category, or even creating your own posts.


As the name implies, the FAQ category is reserved for frequently asked questions. We will be culling some of the commonly duplicate questions from our archives and building a new FAQ post for each.


As the name implies, this category is reserved for models built using TFOCS (Templates for First Order Conic Solvers). Tagging your post with this category will help make sure that fellow TFOCS users and experts can find and respond to your questions.