Process,there are errors in cvx_end during the iteration

Hello everyone, I encountered the following error while using SCA and CVX to solve the problem. How can I solve it

Error using reshape N-D sparse arrays are not supported.

Error in cvx/value (line 10) v = reshape( data.’ * b, x.size_ );

Error in cvx/cvx_value (line 3) v = value( x, cvx___.x );

Error in cvx_values (line 2) varargout = cellfun( @cvx_value, varargin, ‘UniformOutput’, false );

Error in cvx_pop (line 46) evalin( ‘caller’, sprintf( ‘[%s]=cvx_values(%s);’, temp, temp ) );

Error in cvx_end (line 15) evalin( ‘caller’, ‘cvx_pop’ );

Error in Algorithm_3 (line 52) cvx_end

What is the result of

If CVX 3.0beta, see CVX 3.0beta is riddled with bugs, which are very unlikely to ever be fixed. Use the latest build of CVX 2.2 .

If you are running CVX 2.2, note that SCA can be problematic, eventually resulting in wild inputs which are too extreme for the solver to handle, although I don’t think they should give rise to the rrror you got.