Probelm report about cvx_setup on Mac

Dear CVX toolbox team

I am a student from the University of Toronto, and just started to use the CVX toolbox developed by you and Professor Stephen Boyd. I really appreciate your work and effort spent on this toolbox. However, I found that this toolbox is not working on my laptop, MacBook Pro. I’m sure I followed your procedure, and the screenshot is also attached, thank you.

Thank you for your reply, I just tried to install GGPLAB for my task about geometric programming, and I tried to run some simple examples provided in the folder. They were running pretty well on my MacBook. Can you explain what is going on? Thank you.

I’m not sure I understand the last question, what do you want me to explain? The link I shared provides all the information about CVX I know.

What I was taking about is another solver called “GGPLAB” also developed by Professor Stephen Boyd and his team, it runs well on my laptop. I’m not sure the “GGPLAB” is a sub-tool of CVX toolbox or not. I just don’t know why GGPLAB works on my laptop but CVX toolbox does not.

GGPLAB is an ancient tool which has essentially been superseded by CVX, which became easier to use after GGPLAB was last developed.

If GGPLAB works on your computer, great. But it is a different tool than CVX.

Thank you Mark, when I am trying to use it, I found that in the example shown on the website, there are just three gpvar and three constraint functions. But in my case the objective function is very simple, one only. But for the constraint function, I have got 50 of them, so I’m thinking can I use vector and matrix for the gpvar and constraint? Thank you.

I think you’re on your own using GGPLAB . I don’t think there’s any active community of users or developers.

Another option you could consider is YALMIP, which is under active development and is well-supported by its developer, Johan Löfberg. it includes Geometric Programming capability, among other convex and non-convex optimization problem types.

To recall what Michal has said previously, “This was already discussed a few times. There is no, and maybe there never will be, a native release of CVX for M1. So the solution is to install the Matlab release for Apple Intel CPUs and use CVX in that.” Does it mean that, I cannot use CVX toolbox without changing my laptop, because you know that I can’t change MacBook CPU, not like other laptops.

I believe that’s addressed in the “Edit” section at the end of this post linked from @Michal_Adamaszek 's post.

You just have to install the Mac Intel edition of Matlab, not Mac ARM. It will still work, just via the Rosetta emulation of Intel64 on Arm64, and not natively. In other words, just like it was until now, that is before native Matlab for ARM was released. Remember to install the corresponding 64x86 versions of solvers or other stuff.

More in The MOSEK blog: Apple Silicon and Matlab R2023b

GGPLAB is probably platform independent ie. written completely using .m scripts. Whereas cvx (and many solvers) have platform-dependent binary .mex files.

I just looked at the matlab website, is this the right version I need to download?
Thank you.

And by the way, if that is the right version, should I delete the matlab I’m using now before installing the new one or not?