CVX conflict with latest OS update on Mac

Hi all,
I am teaching a large undergraduate class (over 100 students) and we have the final exam next week which will require CVX. One of my TAs has noticed that the latest update to the operating system on Mac machines has created problems for CVX. The fix that worked for my TA was this:

  • reinstall Matlab
  • reinstall CVX
  • open terminal and enter the command “sudo spctl —master-disable”
  • go to settings -> security& privacy -> allow apps from “anywhere”
  • run cvx_setup

I am looking for a solution that

  1. is simpler than the above, in the sense that it does not require re-installation of MATLAB and CVX,
  2. is safer than the above, in the sense that the changes that need to be made to privacy and security settings do not lead to unintended consequences for my students.

Many thanks for your help.

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These are instructions we wrote for MOSEK, it is possible they will work for CVX or its other dependencies as well

Basically, removes the attribute from all the files you want to use.

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