Why yalmip give me invalid answer?

I write this problem in yalmip

in this format:

clc,clear,close all
% time structure 
t0=0;         %intial time
tf=10;        %final time
dt=0.01;        %sampling time
time=t0:dt:tf-dt %time vector

%% system structure  ======> x(k+1)=A*x(k)+B*u(k)
A = [1.02 -0.1
    0.1 0.98]
B = [0.5 0
    0.05 0.5]
G=[0.3 0;0 0.3]
[nx nu]=size(B)

%% Mpc parameter
Q  = eye(nx);
R  = eye(nu)*50;
Qf = eye(nu)*50;

sigmax=[1 0;0 1]
sigmaw=[1 0;0 1]
mux = [1;5]

K = sdpvar(repmat(nu,1,N),repmat(nx,1,N))
muu = sdpvar (repmat(nu,1,N),repmat(1,1,N) )
sigmax = sdpvar (repmat (nx,1,N),repmat(nu,1,N))
sigmax2 = sdpvar (repmat (nx,1,N),repmat(nu,1,N))
mux = sdpvar (repmat(nu,1,N),repmat(1,1,N) )

 for k=1:N;
 constant2 =[ sigmax2{k}  (A*sigmax{k}+B*K{k}*sigmax{k})  G*sigmaw
     (A*sigmax{k}+B*K{k}*sigmax{k})'  sigmax{k}   zeros(2)
     ( G*sigmaw)'             zeros(2)       sigmaw]>=0
     constant3 =[K{k}*sigmax{k}*K{k} (K{k}*sigmax{k})'
           (K{k}*sigmax{k})  sigmax{k}]>=0

objective =objective +trace((Q+K{k}*R*K{k})*sigmax{k})+(mux{k})'*Q*(mux{k})+(muu{k})'*R*muu{k}

option = sdpsettings('solver','penlab')
a=optimize (constrant,objective,option)

u= value(muu)

but my answer is zero and its incorrect.
And I want to solve with cvx but I couldent formulate in true form,how i can write this cost function in cvx ?

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This is not a linear SDP (LMI) as you have formulated it. In YALMIP, you called penlab as a solver to solve this nonlinear (bilinear?) SDP. Penlab is a local optimizer for non-convex problems; therefore, even if it found a local minimum, it may not be the global minimum.

Perhaps Johan can give you reformulation tips at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!categories/yalmip

when i use other solvers it has the same answer .

how i can use cvx ?
my constraints are linear and convex but i think need to formulate cost function and i cant do it.

You are multiplying variables, which is nonlinear. If some of what you are declaring sdpvar are actually supposed to be input data, then perhaps it would be linear and convex.


How i can formulate the trace in the quadratic or norm form?

Your problem is not convex.

I see you have posted at https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/yalmip/cknMU5-NYL8 , where Johan is providing you expert advice.

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