What algorithm does the SeDuMi tool use?

Hey,gus, after using the SeDuMi Tool to solve a convex problem, I need to perform a complexity analysis on this part of the calculation.But I’m not sure what algorithm this tool uses, is it an interior point method?

Have you heard about Google?

If you search for SeDuMi, you will reach at


Now if you look up papers of Jos Sturm at for instance Google Scholar you will most likely get an answer.

Unfortunately Jos died young so you cannot ask him but you can ask google.


From the SeDuMi User’s Guide:
SeDuMi stands for Self - Dual - Minimization : it implements the self - dual embedding technique. for optimization over self - dual homogeneous cones (i.e., optimization over symmetric cones). The self - dual embedding technique as proposed by Ye, Todd and Mizuno [31], essentially makes it possible to solve certain optimization .problems in a single phase, leading either to an optimal solution, or a certificate of infeasibility.

After asking Google, you can try contacting Imre Pólik if you have specific questions.