Using more than 4 mosek licenses?

I am using windows terminal server cluster and each time I need to add the mosek license. I have run out of mosek licenses, i.e. 4.
I do not want to cancel a license as three of the licenses are on my personal machines.
How do I get around this problem? How do I use mosek when I get the error message that all four licenses are used already.

I’m afraid this simply isn’t possible yet. There’s really nothing I can do about that now.

But I am working on a solution for academic users that is a bit more flexible. Please stay tuned. I can’t make a promise of a timeline.

I am curious about this issue.

Because if Henry uses a MOSEK academic license, then there is no limit. So the 4 must be imposed by cvx. Or?

Erling, the CVX licensing system is locked to a fixed number of host IDs. Unfortunately, I need those locks for the commercial customers, and I can’t afford to invest development effort to create a more flexible licenses for academics.

Above I said I’m “working on something”. In short, I’m going to make it possible to use CVX with a valid MOSEK license without needing my CVX license. This should simplify things tremendously in many situations, e.g., clusters.

It makes it harder for me to sell the “Bring Your Own License” to commercial customers, since technically they will be able to just do that now without my permission. It’ll be an Honor Code violation :wink: But the truth is we don’t sell too many of those licenses. (We don’t sell to many licenses period, but enough to keep the web server running.)

Got it. It is good for us to know because we might also be asked about it.