[urgent] Illegal operation: rel_entr( {convex}, {convex} )

误使用 cvx/rel_entr
Disciplined convex programming error:
Illegal operation: rel_entr( {convex}, {convex} ).

出错 SCAtra (第 72 行)

in fact I wan to write the line "Fiuc_gcl=log2(1+sum(sum(sensorsjammer_gg)
+sum(sum(jammerInter_g)));"but there is no log2 function in CVX,then I change the form above using rel_entr function ,which made a error.
Who can help me to solve this problem!!!
It’s urgent.

You can use log(cvx_expression)/log(2) in place of log2(cvx_expression).

However, the argument of log and the 2nd argument of rel_entr must be concave. if they are not, perhaps your problem is not convex?