Unstable Gurobi version 9

I am using of Gurobi Version 9, Gurobi Version 7 and Mosek Version 9.1 to solve an optimization problem. But I think that Gurobi Version 9 is not stable and it cannot solve our problem and it shows error below :
“model.quadcon must be a struct array with fields q, and rhs”
However, the Gurobi Version 7 and Mosek Version 9 can properly solve our optimization problem.
How can I report this problem to CVX manager or Gurobi team?

You can file a CVX bug report per http://cvxr.com/cvx/doc/support.html .

We have seen evidence of bug(s) in the CVX/Gurobi interface for Gurobi 8.x and perhaps 9.x. In some cases, CVX returns an incorrect solution with GurobiI, without warning or error message. I am not sure the bugs are only on the CVX side as opposed to Gurobi, but I suspect so. It may be safer to use Mosek.