UAV Positioning_ Restricted Zone


I included a restricted zone in my optimization problem, the zone is a circle (known center and radius)

I want a feasible answer outside the circle. when i formulate this problem, CVX shows a error as per the image.

can you advice how to make it a convex constrain.

That restricted zone constraint is a very non-convex constraint. Please read Why isn't CVX accepting my model? READ THIS FIRST! very carefully before you attempt to further use CVX.

Also note that the constraint e >= 0 and e <= 1 are redundant given that e is declared binary.

in the future, rather than using images.please copy and paste code and output into your post, suing Preformatted text icon.

Thank you.

Initially i didn’t define as binary, therefore i included the redundancy . but i forgot to disable it after defined as binary .