The solution obtained by CVX cannot satisfy one of the constraints

My optimization problem is shown in the following figure. CVX can be quickly solved, but when verifying the feasibility of the solution, I found that this set of solutions cannot meet the constraints in the red box. May I ask why this situation occurs?

Remove quiet. Then you can see the solver and CVX output. If CVX does not say the problem is solved, then you shouldn’t expect constraints to be satisfied.

If CVX says the problem is solved, you should expect constraints to be satisfied to within a feasibility tolerance (i.e., they could be violated by a small amount, and still consider to be satisfied). If the constraint involves any expressions, which it does not appear to in the boxed constraint, the expressions might not be populated with their optimal values; and therefore the constraint might appear to not be satisfied, even though it is.

Thank you for your answer. I have already solved the problem, which is an accuracy issue. Because the values around the inequality sign are too small, Matlab ignored this constraint directly. Thank you again