The left and right sides of the table are not equal

Why the value of tkc is different?The left and right sides of the table are not equal!

After CVX completes, expressions and expression holders do not necessarily have their “optimal” (final) values. if you want to know the optimal (values) of expressions, you need to compute them starting from CVX variables, which will be at their optimal values. tkc is an expression, because it is on the left-hand side of =.

Thank for your replay. I have a constrain tkc <= constant. so can i can just add tkc <= constant?

in the screen shot ,All but tkc are constants

Regarding your immediately preceding post. if that is a constraint in your program and it complies with CVX’s rules,. then fine. If everything else in the constraint are constants, tkc needs to be convex in order for the constraint to be convex and comply with CVX’s rules.

Is the constraint tkc <= constant just a less detailed description than that provided in your subsequent post? If that is your constraint, then include it in your program, presuming tkc is convex… Be sure that the constraint is placed after the tkc = ... assignment statement.