TFOCS continuation bug

I want to solve a linear program with TFOCS (specifically tfocs_SCD), but after the first iteration of continuation I get an error message

Error using tfocs_initialize (line 500) Could not determine the dimensions of the problem. Please supply an explicit value for x0.

For example, I get the above message when trying to run

opts = [];
opts.alg = 'AT';
opts.continuation = true;
opts.maxIts = 2000;
opts.printEvery = 100;
opts.stopCrit = 4;
opts.tol = 1e-16; 
contopts.maxIts = 6;
mu = 1e-1;
x = tfocs_SCD(smooth_linear(a),{A, zeros(10,1)},prox_l1,mu,[],[],opts,contopts)

Is there something wrong internally that makes the second round of continuation problematic? or am I writing the program incorrectly?

Note: The code above is supposed to solve: