Starting problems with CVXGEN


I would like to use CVXGEN for my MPC and I hope it is okay to use this Forum to ask for help as I couldn’t find an answer within the documents provided on the website for my question.

There is a slight (but important) difference between my model and the model form given in the example when using MPC on the website

I don’t use the absolute value as an input, but the delta, as one can see in the picture.

If the code sees the input “u” as the absolute value, the expression
"abs(u[t]) <= u_max, t=0…T " with my model would mean that this is the limit of my delta. And in order
to limit of my absolute value of the input I would have to set the constrain “abs(sumt=0…T) <= limit”. This is my understanding of the code so far. Am I correct?

Thanks for any help in advance!

CVXGEB is a different program than CVX, and is out of scope of this forum. Sorry, but I do not know where assistance for CVXGEN is available.