[SOLVED] ECOS installation


I am trying to get the ECOS solver by embotech to work. This solver has been used in the following paper:

and many more. I was able to get a version of it through the github page: https://github.com/embotech/ecos-matlab. The problem is that they have pulled down the page for explaining how to use the solver with CVX.

I get, amongst many other folders, a bin file containing the following files:


I’ve tried just placing the ecos folder in the same directory as the other solvers (thus directly in the cvx directory). That didn’t work. I’ve reinstalled and resetup cvx as well, and it identifies ECOS but says “Could not find an ECOS installation.”. Thiis is the result of running cvx_setup:

Setting CVX paths…already set!
Searching for solvers…6 shims found.
3 solvers initialized (* = default):
Mosek 9.1.9 {cvx}\mosek\w64

  • SDPT3 4.0 {cvx}\sdpt3
    SeDuMi 1.3.4 {cvx}\sedumi
    3 solvers skipped:
    Could not find a GLPK installation.
    Gurobi unknown {cvx}\gurobi\w64
    No valid Gurobi license was found.
    Could not find an ECOS installation.
    Saving updated preferences…done.
    Testing with a simple model…done!

Any help would be appreciated on how to get this solver to work.

Is the ecos folder in your MATLAB path?

I don’t believe it was but the issue was fixed by restarting MATLAB, or rather all instances of MATLAB that were open.

Ha ha, yes. A little later in the day, i had to do start a new MATLAB session to get a solver to work after installing an update of the (non-CVX) solver under MATLAB on one machine, but not for the first machine I updated. I should have mentioned that, which I have for some previous questions on this forum.