Sin^-1(h/(h^2+|q-u|^2) solution in cvx

Good Noon, i have an equation 1/1+cexp(-D(theta(n)-C)), where theta(n)=180/pi*(sin^-1(h/(h^2+|q-u|^2)) and h is uav altitude and q is uav horizontal location both are variable. i want to solve them with cvx using taylor series and SCA technique, please guide me how to solve this problem by replacing sin term.

If your problem has arcsin and the argument might vary over a non-trivial range, you might be better off using a non-convex solver, such as available in YALMIP, than writing your own SCA implementation. If you need help with SCA, you likely don’t have the requisite knowledge to succeed in using it.

You can see many SCA horror stories in the links at Search results for 'sca' - CVX Forum: a community-driven support forum

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thanks dear Mark for your kindness.
i have used taylor series x-x^3/6 for sin(x), as i have got it from your other comment from another question, and i have found its good approximation.