Running multiple instances of CVX

Is it possible to run CVX from concurrent instances of Matlab on the same machine?

I do it with no difficulty. I’m a multi-tasking kind of guy. I usually have several MATLAB sessions going at a time, and more than one of them can be running CVX.

But doesnt that internally calls the same set of function for CVX and its solver. Eventually having a pause in execution queue?

Same as with any competing processes on the computer. Depending on OS and priorities given to processes, etc., the processes (MATLAB sessions) may have to fight it out for computer resources (memory and cores), but that really has nothing to do with whether CVX vs. anything else happens to be running on one or more of them). But yeah, if I try to run a bunch of giant CVX problems at the same time, it may be slower or have less memory available for some of the CVX instances than if I only have one going.