Running CVX with professional license on cluster of computers

Dear cvx users and developers,

I want to use cvx with MOSEK solver chosen on the cluster of the computers. I have one master machine and 14 slaves machines that will be used for academic research purposes(such as run optimization problems in parallel for different set of parameters and plotting results vs parameter). My question is in following, is there any sort of network professional license available, so that I can install it on set of machines and use cvx with MOSEK solver on many machines? In addition, I want to say that this cluster of computers is supposed to be accessed by different users(students). Hence, license should be flexible in terms of users but can be fixed for certain number of machines and certain Host IDs. Please share you experience and/or give me suggestions.

Thanks in advance for help!

A MOSEK academic license allows to use MOSEK on any computer you like. The license is not tied to a specific computer.

Dear Erling,

So are you referring to MOSEK standalone version license or CVX Professional license? Can I use one license on many computers?

What I say applies to a MOSEK Academic license obtained directly from MOSEK. I say nothing about CVX licenses.

So, do I understand correctly, you suggest me to install standalone version of MOSEK on each computer and then use the same file to activate it?

Yes. There is no activation though. You should just do

[I suggest one solution that applies to the MOSEK part. Other possibilities may exist.]

Dear Erling, yes I have activated MOSEK on my cluster. Now the question is, may I connect standalone version of MOSEK and CVX?

It is not possible for most users to run CVX Professional on a cluster. I’m afraid the servicing of cluster licenses is simply too resource intensive for us. For awhile, we provided support to academic departments, but we just could not afford to continue.

Of course, you are free to run CVX on a cluster with any of the free solvers.

Thank you for such an explicit answer. I hope in the future people will understand importance of it and will support cvx software in all ways, means really paying the price it worth.

Hi everyone, I have a question about the academic license usage on Linux cluster.

I was wondering if there is any restriction on how many nodes I can use on Linux cluster with a single academic license?

I know that there are up to two host IDs for each license. And is the host id for installation node or computing node?

Thank you.

I’ve merged your question with another similar one. I’m afraid you will have to limit yourself to the free solvers if you wish to use CVX across your cluster.

Thanks for your answer.

I have a ‘simplified’ question. I was running cvx on THREE of my computers, i.e TWO desktops and one laptop. I was running MATLAB with CVX and using MOSEK. Two days ago all three started failing for the mosek solver, though I could still use the other two ‘free’ solvers. I just requested the ‘professional’ license from CVX for one of the desktops and mosek is now working again. BUT?? – how do I get mosek to work on the other two computers? Do I need to request licenses for them (all with the same userid I am using)? Or do I modify the license file I have (I tried changing the Host ID but it did NOT help). thanks