Run cvx without having root privilege

Hi all.

I am using cvx in my research center exploiting a central server to have faster result.
Matlab is installed in the root directory and I do not have any right the folder were it is installed, I can just use it.

I asked to the admin to install the cxv package but any time I try to use it i get the following error:

Error using cvx_global (line 28)
Could not load saved CVX preferences; cannot continue. Please run CVX_SETUP.

Error in cvxprob (line 4)

Error in cvx_begin (line 41)
assignin( ‘caller’, ‘cvx_problem’, cvxprob( varargin{:} ) );

I send the files to the admin that instead is running everything without problem. What rigth I should ask in order to make cvx work? There is any other solution I can try?

Thanks everyone!

Alas, you have to run cvx_setup yourself, and save your path and preferences in your home directory. I’m afraid I do not know how you would go about setting it up as root. To be clear, it’s OK to install the CVX package in a read-only location, but when you run cvx_setup, it creates preferences that need to be saved in your home directory. Try running cvx_setup now, as things are, to see if that fixes it.


ok then we solved the problem installing the package in my directory. That allows me to type cvx_setup, things that instead was not possible if we select the basic directory matlab/cvx