Reshape error lin 93 and line 6

Hi, I have problem on my cod I want to ask you if it is possible please help me.
I have error as
"Error using reshape
Size arguments must be real integers.

Error in cvx/cat (line 93)
x = reshape( x, numel(x) / rsiz, rsiz );

Error in cvx/vertcat (line 6)
y = cat( 1, varargin{:} );
and mu code is
cvx_begin sdp
variable L1(2,1)
variable Ahat(2,2)
variable sigma1(4,4) symmetric
Abar=[A zeros(2,2);A-L1H -(Ahat-L1H)];
Bbar=[B zeros(2,1);B -L1];%42
Ebar=[E zeros(1,2)];
eye(2,2) zeros(2,1);zeros(1,2) (0.00125)]);
%% cost function
minimize (trace(sigma1))
%% LMI
[sigma1 sigma01Abar’ BbarQ sigma01*Ebar’

  (sigma01*Abar')'                   sigma01 -alpa*(Hbar*Hbar')        zeros(4,3)               zeros(4,1)
  (Bbar*Q)'                          zeros(3,4)                        eye(3,3)                zeros(3,1)
   (sigma01*Ebar')'                   zeros(1,4)                       zeros(1,3)               alpa

I couldn’t understand what is the error?

based on your before solution i correct it but now i have error as

“invalid numeric values (NaNs) may not be used in CVX expressions.”
what is that?

Look at every element of every MATLAB variable in the expression for which you get the error message. Presumably, at least one of them is a NaN rather than a (double precision) number.

i correct my lmi again but yet I have nan problem and unfortunately I couldnt find the problem , I want to ask you if it is possible please help me to find it.
[sigma1-alpa*(HbarHbar’) ( Abarsigma01) zeros(4,1) Bbar*Q

  (Abar*sigma01)'                      sigma01                sigma01*Ebar'             zeros(4,3)                                             
   zeros(1,4)                          (sigma01*Ebar')'          alpa                  zeros(1,3) 
  (Bbar*Q)'                            zeros(3,4)           zeros(3,1)                eye(3,3)                               

Error in (line 80)
[sigma1-alpa*(HbarHbar’) ( Abarsigma01) zeros(4,1) Bbar*Q

Look at the value of everything in that expression which is not a CVX varaible or expression. Presumably something is NaN, not a number.