Removing a CVX version completely

Dear Friends,

How can I remove a CVX version from MATLAB completely?

I was using V1.22 and it was OK, then I switched to V2 and I got some strange errors. Next, I switched back to V1.22 to avoid the errors, but surprisingly the same errors (when I was using V2) were generated in V1.22, too. Thank you in advance.

Uninstalling CVX is a simple matter of removing all of the files in the cvx/ directory.

CVX 1.22 does not install files anywhere else; CVX 2.0 stores some preference information in your prefdir directory, but CVX 1.22 does not know about that and cannot use it.

It is possible that the MATLAB path information may complicate removal. So if you wish to uninstall CVX version A and install CVX version B, I recommend this:

1. Completely remove all CVX files from your machine.
2. Open the `pathtool` command in MATLAB and remove any references to CVX from your path. Save the path.
3. Install the new version of CVX.

If you’re seeing a true bug in CVX 2.0, then you should submit it to … of course if you’re seeing numerical issues, that’s not necessarily a bug in CVX; try the alternate solvers and see if those produce better results.