Quad_over_lin(x,y),'x' must be affine?

Hello,everyone! How do I resolve this formula? we can know variables of the formula are v(2,N) u(1,N) and a(2,N).
my code is

there is an error about quad_over_lin()

I’ll leave out the extra subscripts which you need to handle and fix up.

The norm squared term = a’*a, therefore the last term equals


help quad_over_lin

quad_over_lin Sum of squares over linear.
Z=quad_over_lin(X,Y), where X is a vector and Y is a scalar, is equal to
SUM(ABS(X).^2)./Y if Y is positive, and +Inf otherwise. Y must be real.

If X is a matrix, quad_over_lin(X,Y) is a row vector containing the values
of quad_over_lin applied to each column. If X is an N-D array, the operation
is applied to the first non-singleton dimension of X.

quad_over_lin(X,Y,DIM) takes the sum along the dimension DIM of X.
A special value of DIM == 0 is accepted here, which is automatically
replaced with DIM == NDIMS(X) + 1. This has the effect of eliminating
the sum; thus quad_over_lin( X, Y, NDIMS(X) + 1 ) = ABS( X ).^2 ./ Y.

In all cases, Y must be compatible in the same sense as ./ with the squared
sum; that is, Y must be a scalar or the same size as SUM(ABS(X).^2,DIM).

Disciplined convex programming information:
    quad_over_lin is convex, nonmontonic in X, and nonincreasing in Y.
    Thus when used with CVX expressions, X must be convex (or affine)
    and Y must be concave (or affine).

According your problrm, I think the true code can be as following:

yeah, I realize where the question is. Thank you very much for your reply!

yes,you are right. thank for your reply!