Quad_form usage problem

Hello, everyone, I am a new user of CVX, and I have encountered a very difficult problem now, please help me! The code is as follows.

variable e(N + 1) complex;
minimize (0.5/rho_1square_pos(norm(f_init - U’e + rho_1lambda_1, 2)) + …
square_pos(norm(e - v_init + rho_2lambda_2, 2)) - …
real((A1e_init)’(e - e_init)));
subject to
quad_form(e, A1) - 2real((B1e_init)’*(e - e_init)) <= 0;
square_pos(norm(e, 2)) <= N + 1;

The running result is as follows. I do not know why, please help me, thank you!
??? Undefined function or method ‘vec’ for input arguments of type ‘double’.

Error in ==> cvx.quad_form at 43
v = vec( v );

Error in ==> test_1 at 63
quad_form(e, A1) - 2real((B1e_init)’*(e - e_init)) <= 0;

It appears that either your CVX installation is messed up, or there is conflicting vec. Try reinstalling CVX, and make sure it is CVX 2.2 .

Thank you very much, sir. I will try.

Remove yalmip from your path. For me that usually causes the vec issue.

Thank you for your suggestion :grinning: