Problom presentation with CVX


The following formula is part of a convex problem that I am trying to solve with CVX. However, I do not know how to present correctly the sum in the denominator. P is a column vector of size 3 and h_ij is a 3X3 matrix. The sum should be applied on column or raw only and it shall gives a vector of size 3. Each time I need to take only one value of the new vector. I need to show the value P because it is the optimization variable.

I appreciate any ideas or suggestion to correctly present the sum in the denominator.

Thank you in advance.

This isn’t actually convex.

it it part of a convex problem. this is not the whole problem that i am trying to solve

How can “part” of a convex problem be non-convex? It certainly can’t be that way with CVX. You’ll need a different tool here. There’s no compliant way to express this in CVX.