Problem about Mosek

@Mark_L_Stone Hi Mark, when I use mosek, error appears. however mosek already installed successfully. How to tackle this problem. Thank you.

@Mark_L_Stone This is my cvx software.

Download and install CVX 2.2.

@Mark_L_Stone I find that use Mosek with cvx need a CVX Professional license key. However, when I submit my license request, the page shows “Invalid host ID: should be 12 hex digits (colons/dashes optional)”, even though my input is 12 hex digits host ID.

Download the standard bundle at Download CVX | CVX Research, Inc. .

Dose this version of CVX need CVX professional license key?

No, You just need a Mosek license from Mosek,

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Thank you Mark, nice man! God bless you! :smile: