{positive constant} ./ {convex}

One of my constraints is :
positive constant value / || A-B||

but CVX don’t let me inverse norm function!!

please help me :pray:

The argument of inv_pos must be concave (or affine). Have you proven your problem is convex? You didn’t show constraints, you showed expression assignments; so we don’t know what the actual constraint you want is, and therefore don’t know if the constraint is convex. For instance 1/norm(...) >= 2 can be rewritten as 2*norm(...) <= 1, which CVX will accept if the argument of norm is affine.

Thanks for your guidance :pray:

My constraint is as fallow:

and error of matlab code is about second part.

Have you shown it is convex? Did you rad the link?

u(n) indicant of n_th time slot.