Optimal value is NaN, after 3th iteration of CVX

@Mark_L_Stone Hi Mark, I am solving a SCA problem, after 3th iteration of CVX, the optimal value is NaN, what the reasons of this, and how to handle this. Thank you.

after 2th iteration

after 3th iteration

Mark, my solver is mosek

Same answer. Perhaps Mosek makes it to a later iteration before the problem fails.

and … what i shou do next :joy:

You can continue on your path, play around with things, and try to improve the SCA algorithm; or just use a non-convex solver, perhaps under YALMIP. Only you know thee reason why you’re trying to solve this problem using SCA, or trying to solve it at all. The goal of this forum is to help people solve convex optimization problems with CVX; the goal is not to ensure that whatever paper someone tries to replicate will lead to a publishable research paper or thesis.

Thank you very much Mark.