Not accurate binary results

Although the keyword “binary” is mentioned and I put a boundary constraint that the binary variable should not violate 0 and 1, the result contains some errors especially the very small numbers approaching 0 from the negative direction, which causes the problem to violate the DCP rules of CVX causing the problem stop unexpectedly …
Is this a bug in CVX not to result in accurate 0 or 1? or it depends on some accuracy?

Note: I use Mosek with cvx

Solvers allow integrality and feasibility tolerances. Therefore, even at declared optimality, binary variables may differ slightly from 0 or 1. You can post-process (adjust) these to be exactly 0 or 1 if that is what you need for use of the results.

variable b binary
adjusted_b = round(b);

If you are using a solver which can handle binary variables, you should just declare variables binary without also adding bound constraints.

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