I have two equation which both contain one more variable,and how can I get the norm of the two equation?

three variable : x, y, z
equation_1=x-y ;
how can I write the following inequality in CVX?
|| equation_1, equation_2 || <= equation_2+1

I had a try : norm([equation_1 equation_1])<=equation_2+1;
Is it right ? how can I express the norm?

Thank you!

That is correct code.

Thank you! :grinning:

Hi,Mark !

If there are N equations(for example,N=100),how can I write the following inequality in CVX ?
|| equation_1, equation_2,…,equation_N || <= 100

Thank you!

Join them one by one like the following?

expression x
for n=1:100

If equation_ is a 1xN array, you can just norm(equation_)<=100;

Thank you very much! I get it
my equation_ is a 1x1 array