No valid licenses found

I am trying to install another professional CVX using an academic licenses on my office PC. When I have run the command “cvx_setup cvx_lisence.dat” it did not install the license. Part of out put is like:
Installation info:
Path: C:\Users\59ranjbar\Google Drive\MATLAB\cvx
MATLAB version: 8.4 (R2014b)
OS: Windows 8 amd64 version 6.2
Java version: 1.7.0_11
Verfying CVX directory contents:
WARNING: The following extra files/directories were found:
C:\Users\59ranjbar\Google Drive\MATLAB\cvx\gurobi\maci64\ + 5 files, 0 subdirectories
C:\Users\59ranjbar\Google Drive\MATLAB\cvx\mosek\maci64\ + 4 files, 0 subdirectories
C:\Users\59ranjbar\Google Drive\MATLAB\cvx\MANIFEST (1)
C:\Users\59ranjbar\Google Drive\MATLAB\cvx\builtins@cvx\abs (1).m
C:\Users\59ranjbar\Google Drive\MATLAB\cvx\builtins@cvx\builtins (1).m
C:\Users\59ranjbar\Google Drive\MATLAB\cvx\builtins@cvx\conj (1).m
C:\Users\59ranjbar\Google Drive\MATLAB\cvx\builtins@cvx\cumprod (1).m
C:\Users\59ranjbar\Google Drive\MATLAB\cvx\builtins@cvx\diag (1).m
C:\Users\59ranjbar\Google Drive\MATLAB\cvx\builtins@cvx\exp (1).m
C:\Users\59ranjbar\Google Drive\MATLAB\cvx\builtins@cvx\ge (1).m
C:\Users\59ranjbar\Google Drive\MATLAB\cvx\builtins@cvx\hankel (1).m
C:\Users\59ranjbar\Google Drive\MATLAB\cvx\builtins@cvx\horzcat (1).m
(and 132 more files)
These files may alter the behavior of CVX in unsupported ways.
License host:
Username: 59ranjbar
Host ID: b8ac6fa0a418 (eth1)
Installed license:
No license installed.
Other license found:
File: cvx_license.dat
Organization: Rutgers
Contact: Mohammad Mehdi Ranjbar (
License type: academic
Named user: ranjbar, Mohammad
Host ID: acbc327fd241, 78acc04066a5
Expiration: 2016-10-14 (314 days remaining)
Status: invalid:hostid,user
No valid licenses found.
Click here to fill out an academic license request for the username and first hostid listed above.

Could anybody please help me with this.
Many thanks in advance.

Your license doesn’t match the computer you’re installing on—both the host ID and username are mismatched.

Furthermore, it looks like you’ve installed CVX improperly. Please remove CVX completely and start from scratch.