New to CVX and MatLab

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I apologize If my question is off topic.

I am pretty new to any kind of programming and implementation, I have been studying the theory of optimization (Variational analysis) and convex analysis in very pure version for years (since they are my interests). Now I really feel like after studying tons of theorems and lemmas, I literally can’t solve practically a simple convex optimization problem with actual numerical data. Therefore I decided to learn a software that solves this kind of problems.
Now I am wondering where should I start, am I in right place? even I don’t know how to use MathLab, I am not familiar with syntaxes, ( but I think I can learn this easily) .

I would be much appreciate if you help me or point out the point where I should start, I know many people who are in same situation.

If you want to use CVX, you’ll have to learn MATLAB syntax At least get through an introductory tutorial. There are many sources to help you do so. You don’t need to worry about doing plotting in MATLAB if you want to use CVX. Then read the CVX User’s Guide and try and modify some examples.

If you need to ask questions on MATLAB, not CVX, you can ask at . After you have learned MATLAB and read the CVX USers’ Guide and this forum’s FAQ Why isn’t CVX accepting my model? READ THIS FIRST! , you can ask questions on this (CVX) forum if you need help using CVX.

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Thanks for Your Reply.