Need helping installing MOSEK to Matlab

I am not sure what I did wrong here or why this error happened, if anyone could please help that would be great. I am on MacOS.

Have you checked as the message suggests? Your symptoms fit to the very first item in that section. So the question is if you ran the install script python, Step 2. in

Also your paths are different for the mex file and for the Mosek binaries. Have you moved things after installing? Then the internal paths will be wrong and you should rerun the install script or maybe even install again.

If problems persist then please open a topic on!forum/mosek since this is not really related to cvx.

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Thank you very much for your help. I did move the mosek folder after I downloaded it, I put it into my Matlab folder which is located on my desktop. How do you suggest fixing the different paths? I will try using the mosek forum, thanks.

Thank you, I got it working. Turns out, I didn’t run the and after running it everything fixed itself.

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