MWMCR::EvaluateFunction error about the cvx_begin

I tried to pack my cvx function to .NET Assemby by using library compiler in Matlab. After I start the program, the error message came up, it says:
… MWMCR::EvaluateFunction error …
Dot indexing not supported for this type of variable
Error in => OFFCCFullMethod.m at line 63.

and the code at line 63 is : cvx_begin

If I remove the CVX part, error message disappears.

I really need this cvx part in my C# program
Can you help me? Thanks!

I don’t think you are going to get any help on that. I have no idea whether it is possible, and if it is, what you need to do. I doubt anyone else does either.

CVX is not designed or intended to be compiled into anything. if you can manage to do so, that’s great, but you’ll have to figure it out.

Okay, Thanks for replying me. I’m familiar with CVX, so I want to use CVX solve a QP optimization problem in my C# based program. I will try to figure it out or try to use other optimization tools.

If you search for compile in this forum’s search box, you will see many relevant links, which are not the basis for optimism.