Mosek won't install with academic license

I am not sure if that’s the intended situation but when I run

>> cvx_setup cvx_license.dat

Under the Mosek solver it says A CVX Professional license is required. Though I did supply it with an academic license (and Gurobi works fine). I also have mosek license installed as follows.

>> mosekopt 

MOSEK Version (Build date: 2015-4-24 12:43:00)
Copyright (c) 1998-2015 MOSEK ApS, Denmark. WWW:
Platform: Windows/64-X86

Let me know what I should do, thanks!!


This is a support question, and should be submitted to the bug report site. We can’t identify your problem without seeing the full output of the setup process, and I don’t want that kind of personal information here.

For the benefit of those reading, we were indeed able to identify his issue!