Mosek license is not detected after running cvx_setup

I have installed an academic MOSEK license and saved it at
I try to run cvx_setup in order to detect the new MOSEK license and use the solver in CVX. However the license is not being detected. The following is part of the output after running cvx_setup

2 solvers skipped:
Could not find a GLPK installation.
Mosek 9.1.9 {cvx}\mosek\w64
Using MOSEK with CVX requires an academic MOSEK license
or a MOSEK-enabled CVX Professional license.
Saving updated preferences…done.
Testing with a simple model…done!

Noting that I have CVX Version 2.2, what could be the reason of my problem?

The MOSEK licensing manual, as well as the email in which you received the academic license, suggest that you should have the license in


which is not where you have it. Maybe that is the problem.

Indeed, this was the problem. Thanks a lot!