Mosek and beta license

does the Mosek solver stop working when the CVX beta license ends (in my case in 15 days)?

Yes, if you do not obtain a new license, Mosek support will stop working. I am working on the academic license request infrastructure now. It looks like I may make the October 31 deadline, but only barely. So I will be releasing a new beta version soon that extends the expiration date.

EDIT: I have created a new license. I can’t upload a .mat file on this forum yet, but I’ve posted it to our help desk site. Click over to that site to download a new license, and for instructions on installing it.

EDIT 2: If you would rather install the latest beta, it includes the new license key.

thanks…this package is great to work with… much more flexible than the previous CS toolboxen for matlab.

Thank you for saying so! Of course, CVX’s solvers are not as fast as more dedicated CS solvers, but for smaller problems the flexibility is hard to beat. You may also want to consider our other toolbox, TFOCS, for larger problems.