Manual Install of CVX


I was wondering, is there a way to install CVX Manually?
I don’t want to use the cvx_setup.
I tried just adding the CVX folder to the MATLAB Path yet it won’t run.

What is going on behind the scene in cvx_setup?
I thought it is just a matter of a path.

Moreover, let’s say I installed it, how can I uninstall it?
Will removing the CV from the Path will do?
If it does, how come adding it doesn’t?

Thank You.

Installing CVX requires adding multiple directories to the path and configuring the preferences file. I suppose all that could be done manually but it is not something I am going to support.

Uninstalling is as easy as removing the multiple CVX directories from your path and removing the CVX code directory itself. CVX does create a file called cvx_prefs.mat and stores it in your MATLAB preferences directory, but there really is no harm in leaving it there.

@mcg, What I found is that the .p file is crucial.

Could you create an option of installing which creates the .p file and the MAT file and stores them in CVX folder (The .p file is already there)?
Moreover, an option to not add CVX to the path would be great as well.

This way, let’s call it “Portable Installation” one could initiate CVX manually by just adding the path manually.

Thank You.

Could we have an option in setup to define the path to save the preferences and the licenses?
Also, could we set the path to look for license files (Mosek / Gurobi)?

Thank You.