Licence installation

Please help. I have a mosek license that works perfectly on cvx version 3.0, I have a lot of difficulty using version 3.0 so I downloaded version 2.2, after installing, it keeps returning the message no valid license found. I have deleted the newer version from the system but its still returning the same message. What should I do?

Make sure all remnants of CVX 3.0 are removed from your MATLAB path. Save the MATLAB path. Then start a new MATLAB sessio. Run cvx_setup for CVX 2.2.

Run mosekdiag. If it does not end with
mosekopt works OK. You can use MOSEK in MATLAB
seek support from Mosek.`.

If after all that, and mosekdiag reports
mosekopt works OK. You can use MOSEK in MATLAB,
and your license problem persists, please submit a bug report.per . That will ensure the CVX developer sees it.

Thank you, I will try your suggestions