Laser shift problem

Hi, I have 4 2-d contour measuring laser sensors. However, each laser can only measure at best 160-170 degrees with some delta resolution, so the sensors never measure the same points. The lasers measurements are initially calibrated but over time they drift with a small offset for each sensor. Is there a way to formulate the above issue as a convex problem, and use CVX to solve each sensor drift? I’ve tried but have not come up with any good idea. In the worse case if I have no overlapped section, is it not feasible?

If you have a convex optimization problem formulation, CVX forum readers might be able to help you formulate or reformulate it for CVX, or deal with any issues in trying to solve it.

However, this is not the appropriate venue for help in formulating a mathematical optimization problem for your phenomenon of interest. Other than you, there might not be any laser shift experts among this forum’s readers.

If you want to use MATLAB, but your optimization problem formulation is not convex (for instance, nonlinear least squares, which might be appropriate for some calibration problems), you might wish to consider using YALMIP.