Issues in installing GUROBI with cvx

Hello,everyone. I want to install Gurobi with cvx, and I followed the directions in the The CVX Users’ Guide, Release 2.1, and I have a problem on running the command cvx_grbgetkey {code}, I indeed get the key from the Gurobi, however,matlab displays as follows

I don’t know how to solve the problem, and I really need your help.
Thank you.

It looks like the problem occurred while running Gurobi’s own license key retrieval program. Yes, CVX includes it, but it’s really theirs. My suggestion is this: download the full Gurobi package and install it per their instructions, including the license key retrieval. Once that’s done, you’ll have a Gurobi key and you won’t need to run cvx_grbgetkey at all. And if there are issues, you should consult Gurobi’s support channels (like their Google Groups channel).

Thank you very much.
Your answer really helps a lot.