Is there a way to formulate this constraint in a different way?

The following piece of code lies between cvx_begin and cvx_end

 for m=1:M    
 N = find(1:M ~=n); 
 intf = [1;diag(((reshape(H(:,N),T,[])).')*(W(:,N)))];

I am getting the following error:

Error using cvx/pow_cvx (line 142)
Disciplined convex programming error:
Illegal operation: {convex} .^ {2}
(Consider POW_P, POW_POS, or POW_ABS instead.)

Can I write it differently?

help square_pois

— help for square_pos —

square_pos Square of positive part.
square_pos(X) is the square of the postive parts of the elements of X;
i.e., square_pos(X)=MAX(X,0).^2. X must be real.

Disciplined convex programming information:
    square_pos(X) is convex and nondecreasing in X. Thus when used in
    CVX expressions, X must be convex (or affine).
 for m=1:M    
 N = find(1:M ~=n); 
 intf = [1;diag(((reshape(H(:,N),T,[])).')*(W(:,N)))];

gives me the same error.

I meant that square_pos should be applied to abs(H(:,m).'*W(:,m)).

If intf is not a CVX expression, then you can use ^2 and don’t need to bother with square_pos. if intf is a CVX expression, then G(iUser) is non-convex and is not allowed by CVX