Is it an acceptable objective function format?

Dear friends,

I have not installed the CVX package yet, because I am not sure whether CVX can solve it. I know that my problem is convex but I am not sure whether the objective function can be accepted by cvx as a convex one. I have read the documents but I did not find my answer there.

So, it is appreciated if you could let me know whether the following expression of the objective function is acceptable by CVX.

sum((kron(ones(1,4),a’) C kron(eye(4),a)).^q)

a is the variable vector. C is a constant matrix and q is a constant integer.

Roozbeh Mohammadian

Is C positive semidefinite? And is q positive?

Yes, C is positive semi definite and q is positive and even

Looks good so far. Final question: why the sum()? The quantity inside looks like a scalar to me.