Installing CVX on 64-bit Matlab 7.6

I keep getting an error message and set-up failed after running cvx_setup on a RedHat Linux machine. When I run mexext, the response is mexa64 but the Matlab version is 7.6.0 (2008a). Since using cvx from cvx-a64.tar.gz needs Matlab 7.8.0 or later, the machine is 64 bit and Matlab is 7.6.0 (lower than 7.8), what are my options? Changing the Matlab version is more or less impossible to do.

I am afraid that The Mathworks has simply made it impossible for us to support older versions of MATLAB for 64-bit platforms. They changed the binary interface for MEX files more than once over the 7.x version series. I know that you said that changing the Matlab version is impossible, but could you perhaps switch to the 32-bit version of Matlab?