Installation of Gloptipoly3 under cvx environment

I begin to study polynomial optimization and try to use the Matlab interface Gloptipoly:
(developed by Didier Henrion and Jean-Bernard Lasserre)
with decument:

Gloptipoly3 requires SDP solver SeDuMi, and I know cvx includes copy of the solver SeDuMi.
So I choose sedumi:

cvx_solver sedumi

Now I use the command to run the basic example (to demo my Matlab)


however, it shows “SeDuMi is not properly installed”


How to solve such problem? Should I install sedumi independently?

This may not be the “right” thing to do, but try adding the sedumi directory (folder) and its subdirectories to the MATLAB path, perhaps after the cvx directories. Verify that CVX still works correctly, and hopefully gloptipoly will work correctly. In case that “screws up” CVX, copy the sedumi directory to somewhere else (outside of cvx directories) and add that and subdirecories to your MATLAB path instead of the sedumi directory under cvx.

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I copy the folder sedumi to the folder bin under Matlab; and then

addpath sedumi

and do


It still shows the same errors. Not sure if this is the way you suggest.

What is the result of
which -all sedumi

You ought to be able to run examples from from the MAT:LAB command line. If not, sedumi is not installed correctly. If these examples run, then perhaps you have difficulty with Gloptipoly, which is out of scope of this forum.

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