Illegal addition

All except for section 1 applies to CVX.

Does section 1 refer to the objective function I defined? The link you gave me is an infeasible solution for YALMIP. Does CVX also apply?

Section 1 doesn’t apply to CVX. The rest does.

What part of my code does the "Section 1"you mean ?Is it objective function or variable?

I mean, follow the advice in that link about dealing with infeasibility. Section 1 applies only to YALMIP, but the rest of the link also applies to CVX.

There is a limitation, the rate of each user is not less than 1. I modified this value to about 0.4, the problem becomes solvable, but this solution does not meet the performance indicators I want.

Dear expert,
Thanks for your time. I want to consult a question.

cvx/rel_entr (line 71)
Disciplined convex programming error:
Illegal operation: rel_entr( {real affine}, {complex affine} ).
main3 (line 127)

This is my optimization:
cvx_begin quiet sdp
variable t1
variable t2
variable tao1
variable tao2
variable W(length(V1),length(V1)) semidefinite
subject to

The arguments of rel_entr must be real. Is lo1 complex?

Thank you for your answer.