I want to solve this SDP problem, but something wrong in my code

Hello,I want to solve this SDP problem using CVX, but something wrong in my code, I think this is because the equation 38 is nonconvex, can you help me to solve this probelm? thank you very much.

CVX only accepts convex constraints.

As for your problem, it seems (38) and (39) can be replaced by z(i,i)*Nu<=Pmax*s, so p is removed.

thank you very much for your answers, i want to diag(Z)=constant(0=<constant<=Pmax),but the result is not constant as shown in the picture.

Just add z(i,i)==z(j,j)==.... or diag(z)==q, where q is a new variable.

thank you very much, i have got it.

That is good. A place where We can learn different problems.