How to write expression x / (ln(1+x)*log(1+x)*log(1+x))


This changes from convex to concave at about 45.06. So it can’t be used in CVX.

Even if there were some other constraint, constraining it to be within a convex region, it would not be convex over the entirety of its natural domain, and therefore it would be very unlikely to be representable in CVX.

Thank you for your answer. I later discovered that I had made a mistake with the variable myself, and the real variable was P rather than Pr. What a careless fellow I am! Thank you again for your help!

My answer pertained to the expression in the title.

If you are saying that the only optimization variable in your post is P_k, and all other items are input data, then that is affine, so can be straightforwardly entered into CVX. And it is convex … and concave.

yeah,I caught that…it is affine