How to use 'anapro' command of mosek to produce an input data log?

Hi,everyone! I have dumped the problem to a file as instructed by the mosek matlab toolbox document, how do I use ‘anapro’ to produce a log like the following:

You cannot use that from Cvx.

Some options

    1. Use the Mosek toolbox directly.
    1. Dump the problem to disk and read it in with Mosek toolbox. And then analyze it with the toolbox.
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Thank you! You helped me a lot!
Summary of steps:

  1. use cvx_solver_settings(‘write’, ‘dump.task.gz’); in cvx to produce the mosek task file.
  2. use [r, res] = mosekopt(‘read(dump.task.gz)’); to read it.
  3. use [rcode, res2] = mosekopt(‘anapro’, res.prob); to print the log .