How to tackle sqrt({convex})?

Here is my problem formulation, which is convex.

Objection function:             minimize(W1, W2, q)     norm(W1-W2,2)
        subject to: sqrt(norm(Wi)^2+h^2)+1/q<=constant     i=1,2
                         norm(Wi-Qi,2)<=constant                 i=1,2

where, W1 and W2 are two-dimension vector, h is a constant, Qi is a know
constant vector.

And the result I get is :Disciplined convex programming error:
Illegal operation: sqrt( {convex} ).

I hope to get the help of you.Thanks.

image may help you

I’m not clear on the problem dimensions. I will assume that Wi is a column vector. Then instead of sqrt(norm(Wi)^2+h^2), use norm([Wi;h])